Phil Cory Announces He Will Run For Mayor of Las Vegas

Phil Cory announced he will seek to oust the current Mayor of Las Vegas by launching his bid to lead the city with his vision of attracting more sustainable and growing business.

As of recent debate, many of the citizens of Vegas have shown their distrust for the current Mayor in her attempt to pass a publicly funded soccer stadium along with current City Council members.  This was the initial motivator for others to step in and challenge the incumbent.  Phil saw his opponent’s actions as a mere attempt to further political resumes.  Offering business acumen with a focus on tech, he proposes to challenge the voters to consider moving the City forward rather than his opponent’s political careers and legacies.

When asked about his thoughts concerning the current administration’s controversy over the soccer stadium, Mr. Cory commented, “public funds of this degree have to be taken to our community tax payers for review and a full business case detailing expenses and forecasting revenues would need to be assessed to ensure this idea is successful over the long term as a wise business investment for our community.”

“I look forward to providing a very colorful, challenging position to this race.  I won’t back away from what needs to be said.  As the vibrant 40 year old businessman in this election, my goal is to focus on the real business of Las Vegas and moving us forward by attracting more forward thinking companies that will provide a sustainable future for our community.”

Several others have entered the mayor race and will be seeking your vote.  We strongly encourage you to become an educated voter and understand exactly who each person is.  Think about what each candidate is actually talking about.  Understand their history and background to see if they are merely promoting a self-serving political campaign – or are they motivated to move us forward and attract a sustainable economy with jobs, growth, and health.  Many of the other candidates are “lifers” and are simply looking to add to their political resume or legacy, which is why Phil entered this race and needs your vote.

Phil said:  “I know about business and growth.  I have a clear Vision for moving Las Vegas forward.  In the recent State of The City, our current Mayor mentioned we needed to find a way for Vegas to survive.  We are not here just to ‘survive’, we are here to grow and thrive our community.  This isn’t about politics or building a legacy.  This is about cleaning up this City and going to work to make it the destination of today, tomorrow and beyond.  So it’s time to stop all the talk and let’s go to work.”

If you support local business and growth, public safety and cleaning up Las Vegas – Vote Phil for Mayor of Las Vegas.


Phil Cory’s Vision for Las Vegas

1.  Attract Even More Business and Tech Companies to Las Vegas

Phil is an Internet Entrepreneur who has found success with his online ventures.  He believes there is a tremendous amount of opportunity and existing infrastructure in Las Vegas that should be used to bring even more tech companies to our City.  More so, he believes that our City Government should be doing a tremendous amount more to encourage those in the health related tech space.  Currently our chances for attracting more tech companies here is not as attractive as other areas because we lack the necessary skilled work force to supply the businesses and be competitive.  Our focus needs to be on helping our kids graduate high school and teaching them marketable skills that will drive us in to the future.

ACTION:  Phil will actively pursue tech companies and new start ups and encourage them to do business in Las Vegas in order to create jobs and wealth in our community.  Although this cannot be done simply overnight, Phil plans to create an incentive for our youth to finish high school and enter in to college. He will work with large tech companies in and around the region to create Mentor and Internship programs for these young adults to assist them with gaining much needed skills.  In return this will greatly raise the skill level of our work force to attract more tech companies in the near future.

2.  Mayor Task Force on Pedestrian Safety

Mr. Cory will immediately launch a Mayor’s Task Force on Pedestrian Safety upon election.  Currently one pedestrian is hit by a car every three days in the Las Vegas Valley.  He feels this is absolutely absurd and has several ideas of how the City can curb these incidents.

ACTION:  Starting on day one, Phil will work closely with other City officials and local law enforcement to eliminate the unnecessary incidents. This will cost the taxpayers nothing because we will use existing resources.

3.  Protect Our Home Values and Tax Dollars

Unfortunately the opponents have both been a part of the existing “machine” that directed Las Vegas in to and through the housing crash.  They were not concerned about the value of your home or even losing your home!  Mr. Cory believes that we work entirely too hard for our money and that all City leaders should make it their first priority to protect those dollars.  Your home is far too important to let some self-serving politician run their own agenda without regard to your finances.

ACTION: This can be accomplished by building sustainable and long-term business for the future. Phil will work with large tech firms to assist with mentoring our youth so we can create a work force that is competitive and attract higher paying jobs to Vegas.  The future of our City depends on our leaders ensuring that our kids are finishing high school and entering in to further education.  This can be accomplished through strategic partnerships with big tech companies and start ups.

Anyone can be an elected official and simply vote “no” on everything.  However it takes a real leader to step in and create a VISION for Las Vegas and say “yes” to long term growth.  Being a good steward of your tax dollars means protecting your home value and creating ways for it to improve in the future.

4.  Become The Friendliest City

If ever there was a time to lead from the top, it is now.  With tourism as one of our key components in Las Vegas, Phil stands firm that we should be doing everything possible to encourage friendliness in every corner of our city.  From traffic, to restaurants, to hotels, and to casinos – we should be showcasing our World Class City as the friendliest place to visit.  Win or lose in this election, Phil says “This is of the utmost of importance for the survival of this great city. We cannot continue to attract conventions and tourists if we continue to believe that they are here to serve us.  On the contrary, we are here to serve them – and that is has made Las Vegas what it is.”


5.  Task Force To Clean Up Las Vegas

Throughout many corners of our City, there are hidden secrets that are subtly creating a bad reputation for Vegas.  Addiction to drugs and gambling is growing at an alarming rate.  Human trafficking is at an all-time high, yet not enough has been accomplished to squash these horrifying issues.  Together we can create a movement that shows the world that we are the safest city to visit.

Unlike places like Atlantic City, we need to be known for creating an environment that is both fun and safe to walk around and explore our beautiful town.  Just take a walk down Freemont Street any night around midnight and you will see several examples of what needs to be addressed.  Take another drive a few blocks from our World Renowned Downtown and you will suddenly realize that you are not in a safe place.  This has to be cleaned up.

ACTION:  Phil will launch initiatives to work with local law enforcement and business owners to help curb these issues that are beginning to plague our City.  Phil will also work with local addiction treatment providers and human trafficking organizations to create easily accessible hotlines and assessment services. He will continually work with large corporations, local businesses and churches to find even more ways to fund these operations.

Phil knows about addiction.  More importantly he knows about recovery and the impact it can have on lives, families and communities.  We should be fully invested in helping our neighbors and loved ones.  Gambling and substance abuse addiction is at an all time high – even more so in Las Vegas.  Phil is committed to making Las Vegas a better place to live, work and visit.  This will cost the taxpayers nothing because we will use existing resources.

By blending these 5 core issues together, we can build back America’s Favorite City by creating more jobs and a better economy in a safe place to live and visit.